Classic French Toast - Sunday breakfast on New Year

Happy New Year and a Happy New Year! I hope you had a great New Year's Eve and you are in good shape. Like every year, we had an unconventional raclette binge with friends and like every year I need something sweet for breakfast on New Year's Day. In recent years, for example, there was already a New Year's pretzel or delicious scones with cherry filling. And today it was just French toast.

I'm quite surprised that there has not been a recipe for French toast on the blog yet, so it's high time! The reason I made it for breakfast today is that I have eaten it quite a few times over the past two weeks. As I briefly explained in my #foodblogbilanz2016, I spent Christmas in South Florida. Blog break, laptop break, every day between 25-30 ° C and a lot of sun and sea. That was wonderful and is highly recommended!

 Classic French Toast Recipe from

And what do you eat in American cafes and dinners for breakfast? Eggs with bacon, toast, pancakes and even - french toast. I've varied my breakfast, but my husband wanted to start the comparison and ordered French toast almost every time. Always in the classic version and yet so varied and versatile. Depending on the restaurant there was a variant with thick sliced ​​Texas toast, sometimes with normal toast, with brioche and sometimes with challah, a Hefezopf. Sometimes french toast tastes more like cinnamon, sometimes vanilla. A restaurant serves it with powdered sugar, syrup may not be missing. Sometimes it is sugar syrup, sometimes maple syrup, sometimes a mixture of both. Of course, I also tried everything through it and baked French toast for breakfast today.

Somehow I have not done French toast for a while. Earlier I loved poor knights, which my mother liked to do as a remnant for our children. From time to time I also imitated it at home, but it was never my favorite breakfast. If, I always baked pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Now that I know that plain white bread or toast is not the first choice and what the relationship between eggs and milk must look like, I'm thrilled. Also, a mixture of milk and cream is the secret for taste and texture. For frying, you should also use a mixture of butter and oil or directly butter lard, so that the butter does not burn so quickly in the pan.

 Recipe for Classic French Toast from

Mares (or je Blatz or Platz by region) is the bread of choice and it works especially well when the bread is already one day old. Slice it into 1 - 2 cm slices and allow to stand in the liquid mixture for 1 minute from each side before frying in a pan over medium heat until golden brown. The French toast is perfect when it's crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, but not too soft. The milk mixture may be flavored at will, I use cinnamon and vanilla and you can rather use a little more than too little.Stir in the milk and cream, then add the sugar, salt, cinnamon and vanilla. Place the milk-egg mixture in a flat casserole dish with two slices of bread side by side.


Heat a large coated pan to medium temperature. Place four pieces of bread in the casserole dish and allow to stir in the mixture for 1 minute from each side. Meanwhile melt some clarified butter in the pan. Remove the first four pieces of bread from the tin, drain well in the baking dish and place in the pan. Roast the pieces of bread on both sides for a few minutes until golden brown and crispy. Gradually prepare the other pieces as well.


Serve the French toast on plates, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with maple syrup. In the summer I also imagine fresh berries as a side dish very fit.