Happy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks today

Hipp, hippie, hurray! My little blog is celebrating its sixth birthday today! Six years, wow. Six long winters with little daylight. Two different apartments. A simple digital camera and a SLR camera. Various backgrounds and backgrounds. Photos with flash, completely unedited photos and Photoshop and Lightroom post-processed photos.

In my blog you will find everything that I have experienced in the past six years around my favorite hobby. Spectacular travel from London to San Francisco, events from Munich to Hamburg to Berlin. Countless nice fellow bloggers, new friends and acquaintances. And so nice, suitable cooperation partners with great products that fit me and my blog. And in addition a man who does everything, eats (almost) everything, drives me to the airport, is happy about events, on which I can bring an accompaniment and otherwise as a technical admin makes sure that after moving from Blogger to WordPress everything running.

Happy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks today

Thank you!

But my biggest thanks go directly to you: my readers! Without you, this blog would not be what it is. Starting with the smallest family and friends, I was kind of freaked out when I reached 100 readers. Strangers who wanted to read my recipes. And imitated!

Whether you came to me by accident from a Google search or if you're a faithful master reader: I'm happy about every single one of you reading, saving recipes, mine Pick up, re-boil and bake creations and ideas.

I'm happy about every Like, Heart and Thumb on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Bloglovin. I appreciate every message, every interested question, every feedback and every hint. Great that you are there, I hope you stay a little bit longer.

Continue to send me all your ideas and wishes. Maybe a recipe is missing that I should try it out? Do you want a specific category? Please let me know!

Happy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks today

Now and then ...

Starting with rather simple images of cupcakes, I see my face and my recipes and pictures in magazines today and may call myself a cookbook author.

Did I ever expect that when I started this blog six years ago? No way! At that time, the blogosphere was still quite small, my blog was rather unprofessional than pure hobby started and real ambitions I did not have. Especially since that was simply not an issue and the big companies had not yet discovered food blogs for themselves. I am all the more proud of what has been created and grown from this blog.

And authenticity and honesty are at least as important to me as they were at the beginning. I still run moeyskitchen.com as a hobby. As an expensive, time-consuming, beautiful, beloved, versatile and passionate hobby. I am in the fortunate position to accept invitations to events, fairs and travel and to work together with selected cooperation partners. It is incredibly important to me that they are only companies and products that really inspire me. My primary concern is not to make money from the blog. That's why I only enter selected cooperations and would like to pass on real recommendations to you.I'm really proud of my cookbooks and it's actually a very special feeling to have your own book in the closet.

You do not know my books yet or do not have any of them yet? No problem, just try your luck with my cookbook raffle.

You have the chance to win one of 3 x 2 copies of my books.

A total of six sixth birthday books , That's why today, for once, there is no recipe. All my previous recipes can be found in my recipe tab!

What you need to do to enter the competition? Just write me which title you would like to win and you'll end up in the pot.

What can it be? cereal ? Juice ? Or maybe Pastaglück ? Please let me know!

Happy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks todayHappy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks todayHappy Birthday - moeyskitchen.com is going to win 6 to 6 cookbooks today

Any comment indicating a title request and a valid e-mail address when commenting deposited, automatically takes part in the raffle. The e-mail address will not be published or shared and will only be used for profit notification purposes. Closing date is Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 23:59 CET. Every natural person over 18 years of residence in Germany can take part. Multiple participation is not permitted and leads to exclusion. The winners will be drawn via random.org and notified by email on January 23, 2017. The winner then has two weeks to contact me with his address so I can send the book. If he does not answer, I will relinquish the book. The competition takes place only on the blog and has no connection with the social media channels. A cash payment is not possible. Legal recourse is excluded.

Thank you for your numerous participation! The raffle is over, the winners have been drawn and already informed by e-mail.