I'm back!

A warm welcome back! I'll be back!

After five seasons of Sons of Anarchy, four days off and two weekends, moeyskitchen.com has found a new home. In painstaking, hours of detail work, I have touched posts and pictures and am deep in five years moey's kitchen history. I've consumed a lot of coffee, been quite annoyed a couple of times, but otherwise managed without major disasters.

As expected, I was offline for a few hours this morning, but am now back to normal and available as usual. After five years blogging on Blogspot, I finally took the step and arrived at the self-hosted WordPress blog.

So a 100% perfect move is never over the stage - you might even stumble upon that one or the other dead link or noticed an error. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or comment.

And otherwise?

What I am especially looking forward to is the external blogroll that I was able to keep. Actually, this is not intended for WordPress, but my husband has programmed them in a few days by hand as my own WordPress plugin.

In addition to the familiar buzz words that you continue to find in the sidebar as usual, I supplemented the sorting with categories. You can now also view all posts specifically in the four categories Hearty, Sweet, This and That and Underway per click and easily scroll through the overview.

The familiar Print Friendly setting you can now find as your own Button next to the social media buttons under each individual post and you can easily print the recipes or save them as PDF.

And now: Continue!