In Search of the Ultimate Cheesecake - Episode 1

Is there someone who does not like cheesecake?
How would you like cheesecake!
I like cheesecake.
You could also say, "I'm addicted to cheesecake!".
And I'm not talking about Grandma's Sunday Cheesecake, but original American Cheesecake.
I have many different things in my life Cheesecakes/Cheesecakes baked.
I have not found the ultimate cheesecake. It does not matter if it's NY Style, Grandma Style or whatever.
Unfortunately, I have to say that I'm just blinded because I've eaten quite a few cheeses from Cheesecake Factory. A land of milk and honey!
From "Ultimate Red Velvet" to "White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut", from "Dulce de Leche Caramel" to "Brownie Sundae" - I know them ( Almost all!
Granted, they are all somehow "too much" and above all way too sweet and powerful. I do not care about all these social specialties. It's about the one, simple, classic cheesecake!
Graham Cracker Bottom, soft, juicy cream cheese filling and sour cream topping - that's it!
Just that's not so easy ...

That's why we're starting with the first episode in the search After the ultimate cheesecake!
There is a book series called "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes" in the US, where supposedly absolutely secret recipes from the most famous fast food and restaurant chains
Anyway, there should also be the ultimate cheesecake factory cheesecake.
Here's the fabled recipe.
It does not sound really spectacular. I've got all the ingredients as well.
Ingredients for Cheesecake
I've downgraded the ingredients to a 20cm short springform - then it does not hurt that much, if it does not matter
So I start and mash Graham Cracker with a cocktail pestle in a bowl and mix it with melted butter. I save myself some cinnamon because my grahams are already cinnamon.
I lay out the springform with baking paper and pound the Cracker Crumbs pretty firmly on the ground.
Spring cake for cheesecake
Then go cheerfully and I'll stir the cream cheese with the eggs creamy.
As soon as everything is in it, I stir that whole, until I get a very sizable mass.
Does not look bad, right? By the way, it's delicious too.
cream for the cheesecake
Just put the cream on the floor and put it in the oven.
The trick here is the preparation in a water bath.That this is not always beneficial for a backsucker, should be clear. So in this case as well.
The cake grows and grows immeasurably until it protrudes about 10-15 cm beyond the shape. There are no pictures, as I expected every moment with an explosion and did not want to endanger my camera.
So open the oven door, clamp the wooden spoon in between and hope that the whole air escapes. I know how sunken cheesecake look! Mine stays firm to the max.
And then the baking time is over and I let the cake cool in the oven as desired. It's also supposed to keep the cake from breaking.
Tearing would've been better than what's become of my cake.
Like a fully loaded children's bouncy castle, he slumped and threw ugly wrinkles. But hey, main thing not cracked * grumble *
Well, makeshift I have the Schmandguss on it painted, because there was no turning back - the cake was already promised.
Here is the last picture of the abomination:
Cheesecake in Springform
SO, dear children, a cheesecake should NOT look like this .
Well, the cake eaters supposedly found it delicious. But maybe they just wanted to be nice and eat good.
I also got two pieces, for purely scientific test purposes.
The cake was basically delicious. Not too sweet and not too cheesy. The good Philadelphia hats probably pulled out. On the second day, he was even better.
But I was not happy with consistency at all. Too clumsy and too compact. Nothing of the soft, fluffy, tongue-tied cheese dream of the original.
The whole thing needs to be optimized, that's for sure. Maybe more sour cream in the dough or maybe some starch with pure. I'll keep trying.
And I will not rest until I find the ultimate cheesecake!
See you next Episode of "In Search of the Ultimate Cheesecake!"