Pänzhausen and apricot tart

Phew, I'll call you back from the heat of Cologne ... For two weeks there's been almost no day when it's not just uncomfortable and you do not feel like it's all clammy. It may be imagination, but at the moment it is really no fun to do anything.
Unfortunately cooking and baking are not really correct either. It is simply too warm. And then let the oven bounce? No, no!
I was just a little appalled by myself when I turned on the dryer. However, that had to be - I consistently wash without fabric softener and additives and such air-dried towels in the apartment are really no joy ...
In addition to the weather and the resulting lack of kitchen there is another reason for my inactivity, this is called Pänzhausen !

Apricot tart with almond flakes and crunchy bottom

As non-cologne, this may not be understood straight away, because" Pänz "is a typical Cologne term for" children "- I am a volunteer Employees at the first Children's Town Project in Cologne.
In other cities there are already such actions - a city only for children.
In Cologne it was long overdue to carry out such a thing and now finds the 1st Cologne Children's Town in the Summer holidays, more precisely said from the 10th to the 17th of August in Cologne-Nippes.
These are not just typical holiday games, but a mini-edition of a real city. The children can choose to become mayor, become a garbage man or a baker, or enjoy leisure activities such as swimming pool or beauty salon. With the self-deserving "Pänzis" they can thus play and fun. The project is completely organized by the Cologne Association "Kinder Veedel op jück eV" and contributes through donations - well-known companies and facilities in Cologne make the first children's city in Cologne , The children only pay a contribution of € 2 per day and get in addition to all the activities, drinks, fruit and a hot lunch. Pre-registrations are possible, but not necessary, the children can come either once or the whole week, just as they like and have time.
For the parents there will be the "Parent Garden", a café, where they will take care of the children Eating home-baked cake and then being able to be guided through Pänzhausen.
I am delighted about the project and the children's town and can not wait - we have been planning and organizing for months to give the children an unforgettable pleasure> Of course, the club is still happy about every little donation, but also about every volunteer who supports the Children's Town. For students, even an internship certificate can be issued.

Maybe someone from the Cologne area still wants to participate? I meet - of course - at the Pänzhausener bakery! Also there I would be very happy about further support.
With that we come to my today's baked goods - despite the weather.
Another disadvantage of the current weather is that fruit and vegetables are getting bad relatively quickly. Rock hard peaches are moldy to me after just one day and so I wanted to process the apricots I bought on the market this morning as quickly as possible.With a removable bottom, you should seal the mold down with a layer of aluminum foil.
Knead all dough ingredients quickly to a smooth dough.
Roll out immediately in the appropriate size and place in the mold. Prick the bottom several times with a fork, then place the whole shape in the refrigerator and let it cool for about 30 minutes.

crunchy apricot tart

In the interim, boil the apricots with boiling water and stand for a few seconds Let the oven bake to 175 ° C.
Preheat the apricots, halve and core.
Whipped cream or crème fraîche, whisk sugar and egg well. Pour the mixture onto the cooled bottom and smooth it out. Spread the apricot halves with the curvature upwards.
Sprinkle the apricots with the brown sugar and the almond flakes.

 apricot tart on a wooden board

On the middle track about 35-40 minutes bake until the bottom is baked and the almond flakes are lightly browned.
Allow to cool on a wire rack until the cream is firm, then remove from the mold and serve.