Recipe for candied orange peel with dark chocolate

Do you know that when you've tried something new in the kitchen that's actually so small and unimpressive, but then completely knocked you out? I had such an experience last weekend and have been fluctuating between pure amazement and water-immersive euphoria ever since. The reason is this delicious candied orange peel !

After getting lucky in the beginning of December after a hot tip from Katharina in my bio's supermarket To discover Meyer Lemons in our latitudes, I stood in the kitchen for days to produce things from lemons: lemon biscuits. Lemon curd. Rubbed, dried lemon peel. By the way, I still owe you all those recipes, but that's another story ...

 Candied orange peel with dark chocolate |

What oranges do I need for candied orange peel?

Anyway, it was quick Of course, I also have to make some great organic oranges after finding a wonderful recipe for home-made candied orange peel online during the citrus fruit research: DIY Candied Orange Peel. So I bravely waited for the delicious Majorcan Navel oranges to be harvested, planned back and forth, ordered and finally even taken a day off to devote myself to 7 kilos of finest oranges, which were quite convenient and super cheap from Fet a Sóller to me came home. As before, the quality of the goods was excellent - I had to sort out only a mildewed orange from the box, the rest was impeccable. I had also ordered avocados for the first time - it became the best guacamole of my life so far. Also the sausage and cheese specialties and of course the olives are really awesome!

 Candied orange peel with dark chocolate |

Back to the oranges. Christina had just recently imported oranges in a big way and has supplemented her recipe for candied orange peel with dark chocolate and already blogged here: Candied orange peel with dark chocolate. What a great idea. Everything tastes better with chocolate! Supplement from 21/02/2014: Karin of Lisbeth's Cupcakes & Cookies does it the same way: Candied orange peels {spicy}!

How to make candied oranges?

However, it was too much frittering to peel the white skin from the peel. The oranges made such a great impression that I just trusted that they also taste with skin. He is usually told that it is quite bitter. In my version, however, it is debittered absolutely - you get great uniform stripes out and has significantly less effort. Try it yourself! Incidentally, they also taste very delicious without chocolate - I dipped only half in dark chocolate and left the rest "natural". Here is my recipe for actually far too few (approx.Navel or Navel late)

  • fresh cold water for debittering and candying
  • 350 g of sugar plus about 50 g of sugar to roll
  • 50-100 g dark chocolate, as you like
  • Preparation


    The Thoroughly wash the oranges, scrub them and rub them thoroughly dry. Cut off one tip from each end so that the oranges are flat. Now scrape the bowls from one end to the other (from top to bottom), sort of quartering them into four even pieces.

    2 Peel off the orange peel quarters carefully with the white skin underneath the fruit meat. Use the pulp or eat directly. Cut the bowl quarters at will or across (in my case) roughly in a match-thin strip.
    . Bring the water to a boil, then immediately remove from the heat, drain the water and cover the strips two more times with cold water, bring to a boil and drain. This should remove the bitter substances. Then put the bowl aside in a small bowl.

    In another small bowl, mix the sugar with 150 ml of water and then pour the mixture into the empty pot. Boil the sugar water and simmer gently for 5 minutes until the sugar has completely dissolved.

    5 Now add the orange peel strips to the sugar water and reduce the heat to such an extent that the mixture simmers all the time. The shells should be covered. Simmer gently for about 1 hour with the lid closed, do not stir, but at the very most, lightly swirl the pot.

    When the cooking time is over, drain the trays through a sieve, collecting the remaining syrup. Much more than 1-2 El are not left over - but it tastes incredibly delicious and you can sweeten tea or yogurt.

    7 Now carefully separate the candied peel pieces and spread them out side by side on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Let dry at least 3-4 hours, better overnight. Then roll the still slightly sticky bowls in a small bowl with sugar.

    The next day, melt the chocolate gently in a bain-marie or a small pot over low heat. Pour into a small glass or bowl and dip the dried orange sticks into the chocolate, one half full, one half at a time. Lay back on the baking paper and allow to dry completely.


    The chopsticks are kept airtight for a few days - but they were eaten up within a very short time, so unfortunately I have no empirical values ​​at this point ...