Recipes with coffee: homemade Frozen Coffee

After my previous critical report on coffee, I also want to deliver a matching recipe.
Coffee is incredibly versatile. Not only do I like to drink it pure as an espresso or as a latte macchiato, I also like to bake it, for example in my favorite Tiramisù cupcakes. And he likes to drink him summer as an ice cream parlor or in a similarly refreshing summer drink. Steffi von Schön und fein is currently organizing their first blog event and is invited to a table: The Coffee is ready!
And she asks for the best coffee recipes.
Unfortunately not from the archive, otherwise I would of course have submitted my cupcakes ...

My favorite coffee drink of these days is actually quite simple and uncomplicated, but all the tastier: a frozen coffee or cappuccino. It is also known under a different name of a well-known coffee chain, it is more a mixture of a frappe and a cappuccino or iced coffee ...
If a real Greek Frappé actually made with instant coffee, I use here, of course, instead a fresh brewed, strong espresso. Instead of condensed milk I use normal milk. But vanilla ice cream and crushed ice should not be missed!
For the preparation you need a really good mixer or blender, which can also pulverize ice easily. I just put everything in the Thermomix and let it spin for 10 seconds until I had the perfect consistency.

 Summery Frozen Coffee served ice cold in the glass

Frozen Coffee

for one serving (glass with about 250 ml content)

a handful of crushed ice or about 6 ice cubes
1 scoop of good vanilla ice cream
1 cup of freshly brewed, strong espresso and about 100- 150 ml of milk

Put all ingredients together in a blender or blender and mix for a few seconds at the highest level until all ingredients are well mixed.
Drain into a glass and serve immediately with a straw and a long spoon.
Depending on the capacity of the mixer, you can mix several portions at once.