Thermomix Recipe: Homemade cream cheese made from whole milk (Thermomix-Thursday)

For some time my to-do list says: Make cream cheese yourself . Somehow I like so much homemade home-made food very much. And making cheese from fresh milk has been a wish for a long time. Fittingly, the motto on today's Thermomix Thursday is: Summery Dips & Spreads from the Thermomix! And I had the perfect opportunity to try my cream cheese. I serve it here as a herbal cream cheese with chives and garlic. Great for grilling or just on the bread! More recipe ideas come from Zora von Kochtopf, Bine von was own, Simone from S-Küche and Marsha from A pinch lecker. As always, you can find the links according to my recipe.

I have transformed my cream cheese here with some garlic and chives into a spicy herb cream cheese. After adding the salt (for sweets, if necessary, reduce) you would also have a classic neutral cream cheese that you could use for cooking or baking. Or, for example, for my quick tuna dip from the Thermomix. I have directly served my herbal variant with a crunchy flatbread.

Recipe for home-made cream cheese made from whole milk | Thermomix-Thursday (TM5) |

Making the right milk is crucial

If you're looking for fresh cheese recipes, you'll often find creamy quark and butter creams together. That's not how I imagined my homemade cream cheese ... until I finally found the "right" recipes for making cheese out of milk. So I stomped into my organic supermarket, got 2 liters of organic whole milk in Demeter quality with 3.7% natural fat content and just started. It is important to use really fresh whole milk from the cow. For other variants, I have not tested my recipe. My milk was traditionally made and pasteurized, but not homogenized. Preserved milk will probably not work. If and how it works vegan, you can find in other blogs, even I have not tested.

In fact, you get from 2 liters of organic whole milk just about 300 g of fresh cream cheese. That does not seem like much and the use of goods is also expensive, because you really should not save on the milk here. But the cream cheese tastes so delicious and so different than you know it otherwise. The effort is worth it! And from the leftover whey you can still have refreshing drinks, for example, mix with fruit or use them for cooking or baking. So nothing needs to be discarded - all parts are used!

Recipe for homemade cream cheese from whole milk | Thermomix Thursday (TM5) |

Cream cheese recipe for the Thermomix

I tried the recipe only in the Thermomix. Of course, you can also prepare it in a pot, but I can only give you correct time and temperature specifications. My recipe is due to the amount designed only for the TM5, because only 2 liters of milk fit into the mix pot. Please do not try the recipe in your TM31!

The recipe itself is not complicated at all and you do not need many ingredients. Just be patient, because it takes a while for the milk components to separate using lemon or vinegar. After that, the workmanship is very simple and as usual, the Thermomix does the job well.

Recipe for homemade cream cheese made from whole milk | Thermomix Thursday (TM5) |

Use lemon juice or vinegar?With vinegar the milk separates more easily, however the taste in the cream cheese and in the whey is later also accordingly dominant. With lemon juice, on the other hand, cream cheese and whey get a pleasantly fresh citrus touch.

I hope you like it so well: the delicious, homemade cream cheese made from whole milk, completely prepared in Thermomix TM5!

Recipe for Homemade Whole Milk Cream Cheese | Thermomix Thursday (TM5) |

Thermomix Recipe: Homemade cream cheese made from whole milk (Thermomix-Thursday)

Homemade cream cheese from the Thermomix


  • 2 liters of good fresh organic whole milk with full fat (approx 3.7%)
  • Juice of 2 lemons (alternatively: about 1 tablespoon vinegar essence or 4-5 tablespoons white wine vinegar)
  • 50 g of creme fraiche
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt flakes
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2-3 tablespoons fresh chives, in rolls



Pour the milk into the clean mix pot. Place the lid with the measuring cup and allow the milk to rise for 14 minutes/98 ° C/step 2.

2 Now set the Thermomix to 6 minutes/60 ° C/setting 3 and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice through the lid opening every minute. A total of about 5-6 tablespoons use. At the end of the mixing time, the solid components should have dissolved from the whey and swim as a curd in the upper part. If this has not happened yet, you can continue to stir without any temperature and stir in another lemon juice either slowly or one tablespoon or simply add 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence as a support. Continue to stir until the ingredients separate.

Now lay out a fine large colander with a cheesecloth or cheesecloth/burp cloth and hang it in a large bowl. Carefully pour the mass from the mixing pot into the sieve. The whey runs off and only the cheese remains in the sieve. Allow to drain for about 10-15 minutes, then gently squeeze remaining liquid out of the cloth. Use the collected whey elsewhere.


Rinse the mixed pot and place the collected and squeezed cheese in the mixing pot. Add crème fraîche and sea salt and stir the mixture for about 30 seconds/step 7 until smooth. If the mass in the mixing pot is still too lumpy, stir again for 20 seconds/step 8. Then push down from the walls of the mixing pot.


Pepper, add finely chopped garlic and chives and stir again for 20 seconds/counterclockwise/step 3. Possibly. season with a little salt, pour into a sealable container and allow to cool well for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator before serving.


Do not use homogenized or preserved milk, only pasteurized, traditionally made milk with natural fat content!