Year in Review 2017 - # foodblogbilanz17

Again, a year is over, once again offers the opportunity to look back to what has happened this year. Sabine pulls the foodblogbilanz again this year and collects the contributions that come together. I like to take advantage of the opportunity and review the past year 2017 again. My first blog review of the year I wrote in 2011: Year in Review 2011. And I find it today to squint the review to read again. That's like a diary. In 2012, there was only a cookbook review of the year, 2013 then a great culinary review of the year. 2014 I lost my life, but in 2015 I joined the #foodblogbilanz15 and finally 2016 the #foodblogbilanz16. So now I'm in for the third time and present my personal # foodblogbilanz17 .

1. What was your most successful blog article in 2017?

If you do not go after the release year, the most popular blog post this year, like 2016, was my basic recipe for thick, crunchy waffles Year 2015.

Basic recipe for thick, crunchy waffles

Most clicked Funny enough, my recipe for 2017 is my basic recipe for Brioche. A recipe with un-styled images, dormant for years on my hard drive, until I published it!

Basic recipe for Brioche

Closely followed by my recipe for Swedish Köttbullar . The recipe is great and tasty, but somehow I would have thought that other posts would be more popular. Sometimes you can be wrong!

Swedish Köttbullar

2. Which three of your own blog articles from this year meant the most to you personally?

Now it's going to be incredibly hard again. This is so mean that you have to choose from a variety of posts a favorite.

Spontaneously and without further thought or to read, I must immediately think of my trip to Ireland and my associated travel diary. For 5 days I sat down every evening or morning and summarized the past day in pictures and words. It was incredibly exhausting and I slept a maximum of 5 hours each night, but it was also incredibly fun. To this day, I like to read the posts myself. And I like them all, I do not have a darling. As an example I link Ireland Day 1: Flight to Dublin and drive to Cork. But this is only the prelude to a series of articles with many exciting stories and great people. The posts are all linked.

English Market

The second post is also found quickly, it is definitely the family trip to the country in June 2017: Landpartie: Mud cake with white chocolate and raspberries. The photos were taken by my uncle in the garden and yard when the family came together for his birthday. And fortunately, I had my camera with me. So I was able to capture some beautiful scenes that I can not easily photograph at home in my photo studio. Similar to my contributions to Ireland, I like to take photos on the go and in action, away from the studio, in nature or in other exciting surroundings, always looking for beautiful subjects. And I still like the motifs very well here. Nothing is posed or arranged, just the normal life - without becoming too personal.Overall, breakfast was very important to me in 2017 and it still is. Also in 2018, there will certainly be one or the other breakfast recipe from me! The sweet potato croissants could inspire me, though I was unsure about the sweet potatoes in it and their taste. Completely unfounded, they were the tastiest, fluffiest and softest croissants I've ever eaten, yet incredibly easy to cook! Delicious, straightforward, but with that certain something - that's what my blog stands for and I see this great recipe as a proxy.

Sweet potato croissants with maple syrup butter

3. And which three from other blogs inspired you the most?

Again, this is incredibly difficult to answer. I often do not manage to read a lot of blog posts, but then they stay in my memory.

I was particularly impressed by my lovely boys Sascha and Torsten von Die Jungs cooking and baking. The two have made a very wonderful development in 2017 and started to develop really great cooking reports. My recipe for sea char on Rösti with cheese fondue, a stop on a virtual Orient Express trip from a food blogger cooperation, had a lasting effect on me. The photos are so authentic and so loving, I am absolutely thrilled with this implementation. Of course, we all shoot a lot of arrangements, but magazines do that as well. On the other hand, such pictures and reports make food blogs for me and differentiate them from magazines!

Another absolute favorite article is from my dear friend Simone from the S kitchen. She was on a cheese trip and has reported on her adventure and the cattle drive: Unforgettable cattle drive in the Tyrol - Senner meets Blogger. Also a cooperation contribution, but so passionate and authentic, that Simone notes her pleasure in every picture and every line of text. This is rousing and makes you want to go to the mountains and cheese. For me the perfect combination of traveling and feasting - that's what I like to do! And it reminds me again of my Ireland posts.

Third and last, I can not name a post, but a whole blog: Trickytine! It also blurs the right mix of recipes and reports for my taste. Excitedly, I followed her studio setup and her travels last year. I'm happy about every new recipe, because it usually suits my taste. I also love the consistent lowercase and personal approach with a unique style. And then only the photos, so beautiful photos! One of my absolute blog favorites! Again, the cooperation contributions are always authentic and passionate and tearing me!

4. Which of the recipes you published in 2017 did you cook most often - and why?

Clearly the Pan Pizza! I just did not link it to my three favorite articles because I knew she would get a place here! Basically it is a very simple pizza with simple dough and little toppings. But baking in the cast-iron pan transforms her into an American pan pizza. Crunchy, airy, soft - it hits everything. That even led to a colleague purchasing a pan to bake the pizza and baking in the office several times a day because it's so quick and easy! Otherwise, I like to write here that I rarely cook recipes several times. But the Pan Pizza definitely has what it takes to become a classic!

Pan Pizza - Cast Iron Pan Pizza

5thIn addition to a guest post for Fruit & Nut Irish Soda Bread, an Irish Cream ice cream with Irish shortbread and chocolate fudge, a poached salmon with green asparagus and Irish butter sauce to a recipe by Darina Allen (which I was only able to shake hands a few days later !) I also released the recipe for Irish scones and lemon curd after Rory O'Connell, which I met with Shane McMahon at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork in April!

 At the Ballymaloe Cookery School

Another theme was our big Foodblogger Christmas menu" Hip Gold & Tinsel ", which I call American Interpreted Christmas Dinner. Not only do I increasingly return to my own roots, but also those of my blog. American recipes are still a matter of the heart to me and they will continue to take a high priority in my life. I have a whole bunch of American cookbooks and various American magazines subscribed.

Main Course Christmas Menu 2017

Another important topic for me is the Sunday breakfast! There is nothing better than a great breakfast on a lazy Sunday! In addition, I usually can only take pictures on Sundays in peace and there is a breakfast almost perfect. This should continue in 2018 as usual!

Pancake waffles for Sunday breakfast

6th What was your biggest culinary rediscovery this year - which food, which recipe, which kitchen technology, which taste has opened up a whole new world for you?

In fact, I do not know any spontaneous answer. It has always been very clear in recent years. Feels like 2017 but rather rippled to himself. I was not at as many events as last year, had less time to think outside the box and because of my job change in the middle of the year, I came in a bit shorter anyway. My vacations took me next to San Francisco and Las Vegas to Mallorca - well-known terrain, where there were no major new discoveries, but I have kept to the tried and true, which I like. Also in 2017 I stayed true to my favorite shops in Cologne and did not try much new things. Only my preference for Indian food was rekindled, but so far has not been in my kitchen because I have a very good Indian restaurant around the corner ...

 Mallorca 2017

 Mallorca 2017

That may sound a bit boring, but it was not. On the contrary: 2017 was quiet overall and I dedicated myself to the things that I like. The only culinary rediscovery was Cookie Dough and as a result a whole book with recipes around raw cookie dough. Teignaschen is finally allowed!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Like me In 2016, I continued to combine sweet and savory aromas and also ventured on vegetables like sweet potatoes, which so far could not grab me. Otherwise, I would describe my recipes in 2017 largely as down to earth, fast and easy, but always with a certain whistle. That's what moey's kitchen stands for and it should stay that way!

sweet potato tart

seventhFunnily enough, for example, 6 visitors came to me looking for moeys kirschen . Incidentally, with moyesfoodblog you can also find me in the blog. And even the term stinky kid has led to me, why ... sausage dipped in chocolate , but it certainly does not exist with me! from soup provided on the ground is unfortunately something, but I can not help. Maybe just get a kitchen towel?

8. What do you wish for yourself and your blog for 2018?

I want to continue to be authentic and have fun with what I do! In addition, I would like to write many more reports instead of "just" recipes and hope that I find opportunities for culinary travel. And as always, I would like to have good time management to continue to reconcile my job, blog and leisure.

Mallorca 2017

Many thanks to all readers, cooperation partners, bloggers and friends for your loyalty! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great start to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!